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Building a business while also raising kiddos is no walk in the park. This journey can be overwhelming, lonely, and exhausting. Our goal is to help you keep going during those hard times and know that you're definitely not alone. Get ready to DREAM BIG, TAKE ACTION, and always SHOW KINDNESS.

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A show designed to motivate and inspire women to stop sitting on the side-lines of life and finally take action towards accomplishing their dreams.


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Hear from amazing women who share their own message and advice through inspiring interviews.

Meet the hosts

Meet the hosts


Brittany Kues

Podcast Strategist

Brittany is a podcast expert that specializes in helping female entrepreneurs monetize their show while creating a massive impact. In 3 years, she has built her six-figure online business from the ground up. Through this podcast, she hopes to inspire and help other moms transition from a dreamer mentality into a doer (and goal-crusher!). Aside from the world of podcasting, Brittany is a wife and mom to 1 incredible little boy, 3 dogs, and 16 chickens!

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Amanda Benedict

Boutique Owner

Amanda is a single mama to the two most adorable tiny humans and owner of Blue Jean Boutique. After 15 years in retail and over 10 years working in small boutiques, I’ve pretty much done it all, from buying to selling to merchandising and marketing. With all of the craziness in the past few years, my goal has been to spread joy, love, and a lot of kindness. I truly believe God created me to create, and so Blue Jean was born. Now, I spend my time traveling around in a mobile boutique selling tees, tanks, stickers and all things Dolly Parton. I’m excited to share with you all how I turned my dream into a small business and my adventures in entrepreneurship.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid as a Small Business Owner

Ep. 41 – We understand the overwhelming nature of starting a business and the abundance of information available, often leading to confusion and mistakes. That’s why we want to share the three mistakes we made in the beginning, in the hopes that you can avoid them in your entrepreneurial journey.


4 Simple Tips to Starting a Business TODAY!

Ep. 40 – In this episode of “Dreamer to Entrepreneur,” we provide four simple tips for starting a business today, without letting fear or self-doubt hold you back.


Thriving During the Retail Apocalypse  

Ep. 39 – In this episode of Dreamer to Entrepreneur, we tackle the topic of the retail apocalypse and its impact on small businesses.


Finding Success Starts With Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Ep. 38 – Who is your dream client or customer? Are you building your business around one specific type of person or are you selling to the masses? In this episode of the Dreamer to Entrepreneur, we discuss the importance of knowing your ideal customer.


MANAGING THE HUMAN SIDE OF BUSINESS | with Small Business HR, founder of Paradigm, Kira La Forgia

Ep. 37 – Kira La Forgia has firsthand experience with the challenges involved in managing the human side of running a business. After struggling with burnout and being diagnosed with PTSD, Kira realized the importance of delegating tasks and taking care of her mental health. She learned this lesson the hard way, having tried to take on everything herself, which ultimately led to her experiencing significant stress and burnout. In fact, it took a team of six people to effectively replace Kira and take on the responsibilities she had been managing alone.


 STOP Keeping Up with the Joneses…they’re broke!

Ep. 36 – In this episode of the Dreamer to Entrepreneur podcast, we discuss the negative effects of constantly comparing oneself to others. We want to emphasize that everyone’s journey is unique, and trying to fit into someone else’s mold can lead to mental and physical exhaustion, sacrificing quality time with loved ones, and ultimately making one unhappy. Focus on your own values and priorities and do not worry about others’ lifestyles, possessions, or business models.


CREATING A COMMUNITY FOR MOMS & DADS | with Mama Village Triad founder, Courtney Lotz

Ep. 35 – Three months postpartum, Courtney desired a community with others who were facing the same season of life. Adjusting to parenthood and the changes postpartum were challenging. Instead of searching for a community that encouraged moms through motherhood, she pushed through her anxiety and created her own. The need for the community was evident and it has grown tremendously.


A HEART-LED APPROACH TO LIFE & BUSINESS | with branding expert, Abbey McGrew

Ep. 34 – After leaving her comfort zone to follow her heart and her husband’s basketball career, starting a web design business in a foreign country was not in Abbey’s plans. Now, years later, as a successful entrepreneur, she reveals the challenges of building her brand while traveling the world and working with clients from various industries.


Dream Big  –  Make Plans  –  Set Goals

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