MANAGING THE HUMAN SIDE OF BUSINESS | with Small Business HR, founder of Paradigm, Kira La Forgia

EP. 037

Happiness in the workplace matters and the human side of business not only impacts the internal organization, its leadership, and employee engagement, but also affects customer experience, nurturing relationships, and cultivating partnerships. 

Kira La Forgia has firsthand experience with the challenges involved in managing the human side of running a business. After struggling with burnout and being diagnosed with PTSD, Kira realized the importance of delegating tasks and taking care of her mental health. She learned this lesson the hard way, having tried to take on everything herself, which ultimately led to her experiencing significant stress and burnout. In fact, it took a team of six people to effectively replace Kira and take on the responsibilities she had been managing alone. 

There’s a lot to learn from hiring, onboarding, training, and managing the performance of over 500 employees for a multimillion-dollar business. The good news is… Kira learned it all so you don’t have to! Kira founded Paradigm to bridge the gap between corporate HR policies and the modern needs of online entrepreneurs. Paradigm is the go-to People Operations Consultancy for small business owners who are ready to protect, streamline, and scale their businesses through their most important asset, their people. And just because Google might have almost all the answers, it won’t have what your unique business needs. 

Her mission in life is to empower women to identify their unique skills and passions and turn them into profitable businesses so they can have the freedom to live their life on their own terms. She believes that entrepreneurship is not a one size fits all model, in fact, being an entrepreneur means making your own model, built around your values and lifestyle. With a decade of experience working in both corporate and small business environments, Kira’s method utilizes the predictability of traditional business models and adapts them to modern innovation, and unique experiences, and stays focused on measurable results. AKA make money off of doing what you are already great at!

In this episode we share:

  • The importance of prioritizing mental health and creating a healthy work environment for both employees and entrepreneurs.
  • Insights into the process of building and managing a team, including the importance of delegating tasks and developing relationships with team members.
  • The Paradigm solution, a service offered by Paradigm, which helps small businesses with HR compliance and designing roles for growth.
  • Knowledge about HR compliance and the importance of staying up-to-date with laws and regulations to avoid costly mistakes.

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