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EP. 034

Abbey knew that she wanted to be a designer at 13 years old when she became OBSESSED with changing the layout of my MySpace profile page. She was just fascinated by how simply changing a font or a color could make my profile feel like a truer reflection of who she was. When Abbey went to college, she knew she wanted to get her degree in graphic design and assumed she would go on to work at a cool design agency or a magazine after school.

BUT life took a wild turn right as Abbey was about to graduate from college in 2016. Her boyfriend got an opportunity to go play professional basketball overseas and asked her if she wanted to go with him. He proposed, they planned their wedding in 1 month and moved to Australia literally the day after her college graduation. Although exciting, it kind of ruined Abbey’s career plans of getting a stable agency job.

That’s basically what pushed her into entrepreneurship! With her husband’s job, they knew that they would likely be moving to a new country every year. Working remotely wasn’t quite as popular back then as it is now. So although Abbey felt totally unprepared and unqualified to start her own design business, it seemed like the best option to be able to travel and also do the work that she loved.

Abbey started her design studio, Wayfarer, in June of 2016 and it’s been such an incredible adventure! She has taken the business with her to 7 different countries and has grown to a team of 3! They now feel lucky to work with such inspiring e-commerce founders who are looking to shake up their industries and help them build a brand, packaging and online experience that’s as thoughtful and heart-led as their products.

In this episode we share:

  • Understanding the significance of distinctive branding and packaging for retail enterprises.
  • Elevating your packaging design with clever use of hierarchy and QR code integration.
  • Overcoming obstacles common for small business owners and finding the right help.
  • Trusting your intuition to guide you in making investments for a successful life and business.

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