2 SISTERS, 1 SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS with Ann Merritt & Ban Marcos

EP. 015


Beautiful Canadian sisters and business partners, Ann and Ban, join us to share their journey of leaving their “safe” corporate careers and starting a business of their own. Pursuing their passion into the arts seemed like an impossible endeavor but with persistence and patience they carved out a palatable business model of the sip and paint concept BUT took it to the next level. Tune in to learn more about You and I Paint as well as how entrepreneurship has changed their lives for the better. 


Ann and Ban share:

-what it was like to start a business during the pandemic

-the impact that You and I Paint has made on their lives

-how they juggle running a business while also being present for four kids

-what it actually looks like to work with your sibling and is it REALLY a good idea to do so

-how to move on from rejection and struggles

-the importance of doing what you love

And much more!


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