TIKTOK – Social Media Mini-Series: Part 2 with Anita Morin

EP. 014


Welcome to part 2 of our Social Media Mini-series! In this episode, we learn all about TikTok and why video MUST be included in your business’ marketing strategy. Anita Morin, owner of FDS Creatives, shares so much knowledge and advice for getting on video and in front of your ideal client. We’re sure you’ll leave this episode feeling empowered to take on this booming platform!


Each Social Media Mini-Series episode will feature a different social media platform. We chat with the experts to give you all the tips, tricks, and insight into each platform. Unsure where you should be marketing your business? Need to boost your marketing efforts? Be sure to tune in every other FRIDAY for these bonus episodes!


Anita shares:

-Who should be on TikTok

-What kind of content is best for businesses

-Pairing TikTok and YouTube

-TikTok for introverts

-TikTok vs Instagram

-Tips for TikTok success

And much more!


Connect with Anita:

@fdscreatives on all social platforms

Website: https://www.fdscreatives.com/









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