FROM SORORITY GIRL TO ETSY SUCCESS STORY: How She Turned an Idea Into A Full-Time Income with Katelyn Hunter Morris

EP. 009


Let’s be real – as a teenager, most of us lacked the motivation and smarts to start a business. However, that wasn’t the case for today’s guest Katelyn Morris. At 19, she took a brilliant idea and ran with it. Over the past 6 years, she has built a successful Etsy shop and is now expanding into her own brand. Tune in to learn how to kick your limiting beliefs to the curb, tips and tricks for growing a successful Etsy shop, and why you should go all-in on your dreams, even if you don’t have all the answers right now.

Katelyn shares:

-Why you shouldn’t listen to other people’s negativity or skepticism

-How to get started on Etsy

-Transitioning from Etsy to your own website and brand 

-How to stay positive and let go of limiting beliefs

-What is Main Character Energy

And much more!

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Golden Sol Collective (going live 07/2022)



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