The Impact of a Podcast & Making Connections

EP. 044


Episode Summary

This solo episode with Amanda reflects on the impact that the Dreamer to Entrepreneur podcast has had on her business and personal life. She shares how the podcast has allowed her to connect with listeners in unexpected places. Amanda also emphasizes the importance of community over competition and how the podcast provides her with a platform to uplift and connect with fellow small business owners. Lastly, she discusses how the podcast has been a source of mental health support and encouragement during the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.


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More About Dreamer To Entrepreneur Podcast

Welcome to the Dreamer To Entrepreneur podcast – A show designed to motivate and inspire women to stop sitting on the side-lines of life and finally take action towards accomplishing their dreams. Join hosts, Brittany Kues and Amanda Benedict, as they share their own experiences of starting and building a successful business while also juggling motherhood. You’ll also hear from other amazing women who bring their own message and advice to the show through inspiring interviews. New episodes are released every other Thursday!

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