CREATING A COMMUNITY FOR MOMS & DADS | with Mama Village Triad founder, Courtney Lotz

EP. 035

After five years of infertility, years of anxiety wondering if she would ever be a mom, Courtney was finally blessed with her first child. After about 3 months postpartum, navigating motherhood, and trying to find out how to connect with other people fresh out of a pandemic, she found herself lonely. 

As a new mom, in a new area, Courtney not only sought after friendships, but decided to create a community that would bring like minded new moms and parents together so they would not have to go through the journey alone.

Building the Mama Village Triad community not only was a way to bring these parents together, but also allowed Courtney to push forward through her anxiety and get out of the bubble she felt she was in to be more comfortable being a mom. 

The Mama Village community began with parents just meeting at parks, coffee shops, or wherever it was comfortable to take a newborn post-pandemic. The community has grown to become a way for not only moms, but dads, too, to meet up and have activities to build relationships that parents seek out. It provides help for all stages of motherhood, from pregnancy, to postpartum, to parenting. 

Meet Courtney:

Three months postpartum, Courtney desired a community with others who were facing the same season of life. Adjusting to parenthood and the changes postpartum were challenging. Instead of searching for a community that encouraged moms through motherhood, she pushed through her anxiety and created her own.  The need for the community was evident and it has grown tremendously.

In this episode we share:

  • How Mama Village Triad was started and how you can create a community
  • The struggles that new moms go through without support
  • Discovering how a community can bring like minded parents together
  • Growing a community for the dads is just as important
  • Partnering with advocates in the community to help in specific areas of parenting
  • The importance of Mental Health Mondays and what they entail
  • How to keep showing up even when no one else does in the beginning

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