Community Over Competition with Design Maker, Scarlett Howell

EP. 032

In the world of small businesses, the idea of collaboration over competition becomes crucial for growth and success. By supporting other businesses instead of trying to out-do them, owners can create an environment where everyone thrives together. Sharing knowledge, resources, and ideas can significantly improve the overall quality of businesses, paving the way for a collaborative approach towards progress. 

Also, embracing collaboration can help small business owners stay motivated, energized, and inspired, as they work towards mutual success. 

In the episode, Scarlett Howell shares her experiences with the competitive nature of the boutique world and her belief in collaborating with others. She stresses the importance of doing things differently by helping others, sharing advice, and learning from one another. This mindset has had a positive impact on her business journey, leading to valuable connections and relationships with other small business owners. 


Pick your friends and leave the rest behind. – Scarlett Howell

Meet Scarlett:

Scarlett Howell is a passionate entrepreneur and the owner of Betsy Jane Studio, a store offering unique décor and handmade gifts. With years of experience in the restaurant industry and a degree in business, Scarlett decided to start her own venture during the pandemic. She has been able to find success by building a strong community and fostering collaboration over competition. Scarlett’s love for learning and her openness to new experiences have helped her adapt to the ever-changing world of small business, making her a great guest to discuss the importance of collaboration in the world of small businesses.


In this episode we share:

  • Embracing the power of working together, valuing collaboration over competition for small business success.

  • Turning failures into lessons by learning from mistakes and sharing ideas with peers.

  • Cultivating a thriving network of fellow makers and creative minds to enhance business growth.

  • Maintaining personal well-being and establishing boundaries as an entrepreneur for a sustainable career.

  • Instilling essential life-long skills in children, including financial responsibility and decision-making.


Visit Scarlett at the Following Locations:

  • Spring on the Farm in High Point NC 4/28-29

  • The Bizarre Bazaar in Richmond VA   5/5-6

  • MayFest in Pilot Mountain NC 5/12-14

  • Vintage Market Days Bristol, TN 5/19-21

  • Front Porch Sundays Charlotte NC 6/4

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