3 Mistakes to Avoid as a Small Business Owner

EP. 041

Episode Summary

Welcome back to another episode of Dreamer to Entrepreneur. In today’s episode, we want to take a moment to be transparent with you. We are not experts in small businesses, but rather learning as we go, just like you. 

We understand the overwhelming nature of starting a business and the abundance of information available, often leading to confusion and mistakes. That’s why we want to share the three mistakes we made in the beginning, in the hopes that you can avoid them in your entrepreneurial journey. 

From spending money on unnecessary items to investing in courses that provided little value, we share our experiences and lessons learned. 

So join us as we dive into these mistakes and provide insights on how to navigate the challenges of being a small business owner. 

In this episode we share:

  • Our own mistakes we made as small business owners
  • The importance of avoiding spending money on unnecessary things
  • How investing in all the courses turned out to be a waste of time
  • The need for balance between being a dreamer and a realist in business
  • Seeking advice from others who have gone before you

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